Lost in Space: Netflix’s series

A fun, campy romp? It’s the year 2046 and the Robinsons, piloting their Jupiter 2 spaceship, come across a rip in spacetime that throws them wildly from their planned trajectory. They crash on an unknown planet, light years from their intended destination, and must battle the new, alien environment in their attempts to escape. The […]

Blade Runner 2084 (PS4)

Crypt of the Neuromancer The world of Observer is equal parts fascinating and dull. The player controls Daniel Lazarski, a detective type figure who works for a totalitarian government corporation in 2084. The world has gone to ruin and many of the inhabitants of Krakow, who decided to turn themselves into cyborgs, have been wiped out by […]

Top Ludo Games Review

Ludo is a legendary game that we all play. In last couple of years, developers have made several applications for Ludo to play on mobile or tablet. While there are several ludo games available on the play store, we selected Ludo King, Ludo Classic and Ludo Star to review. As I am not a pro […]

Why IOS Best?

PRODUCTIVITY POWERS FOR IPAD The iPad is beginning to act a lot more like a laptop. Apple wants the device to be a content viewing tool but also a content creation tool. iOS 11 does a lot to move the iPad in that direction. New split-screen multitasking modes have been redesigned and enhanced. A new […]